Qushui Garden

Built by the composition of grey tiles, white walls, and green bricks in the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795), Qushui Garden is one of the five major gardens planted mostly with bamboos in Shanghai. With 24 celebrated sceneries in total, the garden is known as its small and dainty, unsophisticated and dignified feature, together with the great reputation of “blazed with cherries and peach blossoms in spring, lotuses rising from the water in summer, filled with the fragrance of sweet olive in autumn, plum blossoms contending against the white snow in winter.”

Tai Koon Yuen

Considered to be the classic in “Dream of the Red Mansions”, the architectures and gardens inside Tai Koon Yuen allow us to comprehend the lifestyle of the characters such as Jia Pao-yu and Lin Dai-yu in the story. It is not only the artistic stage and living area of the personages from the red mansions but also the art treasure created by Cao Xue-qin in summerizing the contemporary gardens of Jiangnan and imperial family. The garden design of Tai Koon Yuen has a profound effect on the garden constructions of later ages.


Presenting modern and trendy occidental style, it is the first Outlets that cover 160 thousand square meters with endless shopping pleasure in the area of Shanghai. It holds more than 250 stores of over 450 domestic and international brands. The discounts it can offer is outrageous, selling mainly the patterns of the previous year or the year before.

Shanghai Songze Archeological Site

Being the birthplace of Shanghai’s ancient civilization, the site exhibits the style and feature of society more than six thousand years ago which empower us to explore the development and transformation of Shanghai’s ancient culture including “the first human being and the initial residence of Shanghai”. The museum of Shanghai Songze archeological site has become the platform of historical site conservation, archaeological research, and cultural relic collection, a place that helps us understand the homeland history of Shanghai.

Chen Yun Memorial Hall

Chen Yun Memorial Hall is a biographical museum which demonstrates the life profile and performance of Chen Yun established under the ratification of central authority. Born in Qingpu area, Chen Yun is a revolutionist whose former residence now exhibits the splendid achievements of his life, along with the glorious course of socialist revolution and construction practiced by the Quingpu people. It is a very important historiographical legacy of the local area or city.

Qingpu Library

Located beside the lakeshore of Xia Yang Lake in urban area of Qingpu downtown, the library is formed by two wave-shaped buildings interlaced with each other as though two gigantic waves are stretching elegantly from both sides to the center of the lake. The most distinctive design of the water library is its open garden on the top floor: the green plants all over the wave-shaped roof are just breathtaking and refreshing. Climbing up the stairs to the rooftop garden to enjoy the beautiful lakes and attractive water during non-studying periods is the exclusive weal the library can ever offer.

Qingxi Country Park

Situated nearby Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District, Qingxi Country Park is the largest among the five major country parks in Shanghai. With Dalian Lake in the center, the renowned “cedar forests above water” pond that covers 83 acreages is one of the most unique landscapes of Shanghai. A giant forest of cedars is standing straight on the water which is as transparent as a mirror, reflecting pure sky and towering trees that ultimately turns into a beautiful and charming oil painting as the water emerges with the end of the horizon.

Oriental Land

Oriental Land is a park that can be used as the camping ground of teenager’s off-campus activities, the site of large-scale outdoor group events, and the venue for leisure tourism in Shanghai City. China National Tourism Administration and Ministry of Environmental Protection tend to identify the Oriental Land tourist attraction of Shanghai City as a state-level exemplary zone of ecotourism. The main scenic spots include Wisdom Avenue, simulated carrier aircraft, global village, Knowledge Island, and etc. It is a place suitable for those who are fond of partaking in outdoor activities.

Sheshan Tourist Resort/National Park

Being the one-and-only natural holy land of mountains and forests in Shanghai, the park comprises 12 mountains. Together with Huzhu Pagoda, also known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Shanghai inside the park, various sceneries are revealed and displayed. In the year of 2000, China National Tourism Administration approves and labels it to be the first batch of scenic areas of “4A” level. Then it becomes “the most influential forest park” appraised by Forest Park Management Office of State Forestry Administration in 2012.

Dianshan Lake

Being the largest natural freshwater lake in Shanghai, Dianshan Lake, the mother river of Shanghai is the source of Huangpu River. Surrounded by many round-the-lake attractions such as the Grand View Gardens (Tai Koon Yuen), Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, Oriental Land, Sun Island, and Chen Yu Memorial Hall, the water of Dianshan Lake is crystal clear accompanied by the most attractive landscape. Aside from marveling at the natural scene, one can enjoy practicing water sports like dragon boat rowing, sailing, and etc. It is also the training center for water sports such as rowing, dragon boat, and sailing in Shanghai.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

The nine old streets and more than a thousand of homes are built along the riverbank in the ancient town. The north main street, also known as “One-line Street” is the first and most complete example of Ming and Qing architecture preserved in the form of an open historical monument in the outskirt of Shanghai. Freedom Bridge, a five-hole arch bridge constructed with stones is the most famous tourist spots among. One may experience the prosperity, fertility, and rich resources of Jiangnan back in those days by boat.

Dream Garden Vanilla Farm

Developed by the adherence to the idea of creating healthy, natural, and harmonious life, Dream Garden Vianilla Farm is a tourism and leisure park based on the theme of large-scale vanilla plantation and “urban agriculture”. It combines the concept of natural health, the establishment of vanilla culture, and the promotion of vanilla lifestyle that it initiates the first local brand of vanilla tourism in Mainland China. The farm has imported more than 200 varieties of vanilla species so far, with lavender flowers sea and rainbow flowers hill as its biggest spotlights.